YouTube Channel | Writing in Montreal

My YouTube channel was launched in October of 2020 with plans to document my very first attempt at NaNoWriMo. 
Since then I have participated in Vlogmas minimally and in 2021 continue producing more writing and reading related content!
[Thumbnail and linked page showcase my most recent upload]

Etsy Shop | Killjoy Kouture

Killjoy Kouture is a clothing line I started for fun in 2018 to play around with design and post my art in a different format. 
2020 was a slow year with products being removed from my print shop but in 2021 I have plans to work with a new print on demand company and bring in new products and designs!

Patreon | Writing in Montreal

Interested in reading preview chapters of the novels I'm working? This is where to do it!

The Writing in Montreal Patreon so far has 20 chapters of Synterra posted, along with art to go with the story. When the first draft of A Time When Demons is complete, segments of that will be posted as well.

YouTube Channel | Holly Halftone

I spend a lot of time playing Sims. As a writer, the game really helps me flesh out characters, concepts and so much more. I've shared a bit of my gameplay on my writing channel and figured, why not expand on a dedicated channel? 
On my Sims channel you can find let's plays, challenges, building and more!

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