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Neverland is not J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan. This version takes place in modern day London with the exclusion of fairytale creatures. Wendy is a law student and Peter a starving musician. In this short novel their eventual romance must blossom through the trials of jealous ballerina friend Tina and the vicious local street gang called The Pirates.

Eternity Issue 0



The Prequel. Learn Reth’s backstory before diving in to his release from Hell.

Reth Tiberius is the brother of the Lord of Hell. After eons of being held prisoner in his brother’s underworld; a young magickal practitioner has decided to release him, so he can get his revenge.

Eternity Issue 1



Being the sibling to someone important can be difficult, but it's even worse when your brother is the Lord of Hell. 
Raised as a secondary and unnecessary child in Ancient Rome; Reth's quest for power was constant. On the banks of the Tiber, he begged for greatness and was answered - by none other than his own brother, who gladly took the opportunity to trap him as a shadow in the depths of Hell for eternity. 
Until one very unique magickal practitioner made the decision to set him free.


Creative Modeling - Thomas J Pendragon



Pinup Modeling - Supervixens/Supermongrel



Art Modeling - Nicholas Burns



Creative Modeling – Solalta


Creative + Nude Modeling – Peggy Lampotang
“Canadian Women Revealed” gallery show


Creative Modeling – Adrienne Pereles


Creative Modeling – Fullframe


Creative + Live Art Modeling - Cooki Lumsden


Live Art Modeling – Drawn and Plastered
2011 (Victorian Asylum, Spectacular Imagination Emporium, Toys with your Head)
2012 (Creates Anarchy, Rockabilly Fest, Mysterious Murder of Jazz Baby McGee)

Toronto Fan Expo 2012
2013 (Mists of Avalon, Grinds your Gears)
2016 (Moulin Rouge)
2018 (Coven, Reunion at C4 Comic Con)
2019 (Festival de la Bête Noire)


Pinup Modeling – Rahim The Photographer
2011, 2014 (multiple shoots)

Creative Modeling – John Hanson(no website)


Creative Modeling – Teri Hofford


Creative + Film Modeling - Alexa Lachuta
2012, 2013


Creative Modeling – Nik Thavisone
2012, 2014, 2015 (multiple shoots)


Fine Art Modeling – Winnipeg Art Gallery

“Degas Studio”


Creative Modeling - Xcetera Photography
2013, 2014


Creative + Ad Modeling – Robert Lowdon
2013, 2015


Creative Modeling - Lori Wooster


Creative Modeling – Andy Bloxham


Ad Modeling - Latsch Studios


Portrait Modeling – William Pura

“Double Portraits” gallery show


Creative Modeling – Brad Mazur



Creative Modeling – Fischer Fine Art


Pinup Modeling – Glamour Ecstasy


Fine Art Modeling - Centre Georges-Vanier
Nuit Blanche 2016 (15 min. poses)


Fine Art Modeling - Centre Georges-Vanier
2016 (4 hour solo pose)


July 2011 "Drawn and Plastered's Victorian Asylum" - A victorian themed show with burlesque elements

August 2011 "Drawn and Plastered Chatters Hep Patter" - Beatnik theme with live poetry readings and music

September 2011 "Drawn and Plastered's Spectacular Imagination Emporium" - Circus themed show with "freak" performances

October 2011 "Pet Sematary" - A creepy animalistic themed show with art by Randy Wall displayed and promoted

November 2011 "Pink Hawaii" - A '60s beach show with jewelry vendors also hosted

December 2011 “Drawn and Plastered Toys with your Head” – a twist on The Nutcracker


January 2012 "Drawn and Plastered and the Forty Thieves" - an Aarabian Nights themed show with live bellydancing performance inclluded

February 2012 “Drawn and Plastered Gets Twitterpainted” – Teaser for our Valentines event

March 2012 “Drawn and Plastered – M’ARTy Gras” – Teaser for our Mardi Gras themed event

April 2012 “Drawn and Plastered Creates Anarchy” – Teaser for our biker-inspired event

June 2012 “A Midsummer Night’s Drawn” – Our beautiful outdoor event; complete with live theatre and fire dancing!


August 2012 "Drawn and Plastered heads to Toronto Fan Expo!" - Over each day of the show we performed four themed shows. Heroes and Villains, HR Giger, Retro Horror and Harajuku, along with maintaining a promo and sales table

September 2012 “Drawn and Plastered in Ancient Greece” – Teaser for our event in association with Nuit Blanche

October 2012 “The Mysterious Murder of Jazz Baby McGee” – My personal favourite; a film noir murder mystery in which we filmed interrogation scenes before-hand so that event attendees could view the evidence and decide who they thought was the murderer before it was played out

January 2013 "Drawn and Plastered enters The Mists of Avalon" - An Arthurian themed show with live music by Sybil

February 2013 “Drawn and Plastered Meets the Seven Deadly Sins” – Teaser for our sinful valentines day event

April 2013 "Drawn and Plastered Grinds your Gears" - A Steampunk themed show

July 2013 - Drawn and Plastered hosts Winnipeg's first Rockabilly festival featuring local vendors, burlesque, music and more

August 2013 “Chaos Cabaret” – Event footage of our massive gothic tribal themed show featuring a mini-gallery and live alt. bands

October 2014 "Geekery and Glam" - Created for C4 Winnipeg. A spectacle with Kpop Dancing, Burlesque, and 10 celeb guests in appearance.

June 2016 "Drawn and Plastered through the Looking Glass" - Drawn's first show in Montreal, Alice in Wonderland themed

August 2016 "Drawn and Plastered Totally Trippin' 90s" - A retro 90s themed show

October 2016 "Drawn and Plastered at Le Moulin Rouge" - A corseted extravaganza featuring live burlesque

September 2018 "Drawn and Plastered: COVEN" - A witchy macabre arts event with live dancers, drag and DJs

December 2019 "Festival De La Bête Noire X Drawn and Plastered" - Participated in a large fundraiser for the inaugural Festival De La Bête Noire